Benefits of CSS

What is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It allows you to manipulate the appearance and layout of the HTML document without compromising its structure.

CSS has been around since 1996, it is quite surprising that its abilities have only recently been stretched. Outside of HTML, style sheets allow you to control margins, colors, font characteristics, character spacing, text properties, image positioning, and the lost just goes on.

Layout browser compatibility, for example, is easily fixed with the use of CSS. With CSS you are also able to achieve:


Unless there are major changes, maintaining websites with CSS is very easy. CSS allows the separation of the typography and layout of your website from data in your HTML files. With an external CSS, it is easier to manage styles and information separately.


CSS has the utmost control over typography and layout. By separating these elements from the HTML data files, the documents become more accessible to mobile users. CSS also uses relative measurements so documents are well presented on any monitor resolution. This also improves the print output of web documents by applying adjustments to the screen output to match the paper properties.


All the styles you need can be defined in style sheets that attach itself to your HTML elements through IDs and classes. Because the styles are identified in one place, it is easier and faster to modify styles across the entire site.

Clean Coding

When compared against table layout, CSS is much cleaner because it takes fewer codes to generate the desired look or effect the cleaner the code, the easier it is to find and organize data. SEO ranking also depend greatly on the cleanliness of the codes. With lesser codes on the HTML document, it will be easier for the SEO bots to find search related information, thus resulting to higher search engine rankings.


Because CSS uses fewer codes, it cuts the bandwidth down by 50%. Websites load relatively faster when CSS is used rather than tables because browsers have to read the contents of the whole table before loading it. So while waiting for the browser to read and load your table, nothing is displayed on the screen. If your website loads faster, your web presence and visibility increases and this also increases your business possibilities.

Cost Effectiveness

HTML documents that have been reduced in size with the help of CSS results in a considerable reduction bandwidth cost giving you enormous savings.