IBDJohn.Com – a CSS Theme Generator Overview

IBDjohn is a CSS theme code generator that can create a layout of up to three columns without making use of tables. It can produce a completely featured three-column theme. The resulting immediate web page has a personalized template, which users can use when they want to control the feel and look of the whole site. Since a visitor can make changes to the settings until he or she is satisfied with the outcome, it means the resulting CSS website theme is not static. The IBDjohn generator therefore becomes a fully functional HTML-CSS editor for the 3-column layout. By modifying the various input values and then viewing the source code, one can gain a great deal of information on CSS column layouts.

In the IBDjohn template generator, a user can enter such things as color, size, width and others into any form that leads to generation of an entire template. Once the user completes the last layout for the design, he or she can copy and paste the HTML -CSS code in order to get instant answers. In this format, there are five variables involved, each relating to different parts and settings of the web page. The first variable is Basic Settings, which includes font color, size and style as well as the border color. The next variables are the left and right column variables. Both of these include the color, border and width. The fourth variable for the IBDjohn theme generator is the Banner, which includes the height, color, header image and border. The final variable is the center column, which includes border and color.

Using one style sheet to control the look and feel of multiple web pages can be done using the Link Tag. This will make it easier to load CSS or a central external style sheet. This means that changing one external style sheet (CSS) leads to changes in font, background color and background on all the pages. For webmasters who are advanced and are ready to move to a CSS column layout as opposed to the older and outdated table layout, this is the perfect startup page. They will also benefit from making use of the source code as well as manually making changes on the CSS column layouts.